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We are a legal and business consulting company based in the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia. Our team consists of experienced lawyers, accountants, and registered intellectual property rights consultants who have a deep understanding of local laws, regulations, and business practices in Bali.

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"LegalPro Bali made it so easy for me to set up my very first PMA Company in Bali. They advised me in every steps, from structuring my investment with my business partner through a joint venture company, advising all the legal requirements, preparing the joint venture agreement and shareholders agreement and helping with the licenses. They are responsive, efficient and attentive. Highly recommend!”

“My company recently used LegalPro Bali for preparing contracts with the employees and the suppliers. We also engaged them for compliance matters, such as obtaining certifications and mandatory reports. The team was very helpful and knowledgeable, quickly understanding my company's business and explaining very details. The communication was fantastic and they were able to answer all of my questions clearly and in a timely manner. The price was also very reasonable given the level of service they provided. I highly recommend using LegalPro Bali if you need any legal services in Bali."

“LegalPro Bali helped me with the due diligence prior to my property transaction in Bali. They assisted me throughout the whole process to get the deals done, including drafting the Leasehold Agreement and revising contrats with the property management company. I am very satisfied with it as they suggested some matters that I would not have thought about those things myself. They absolutely understand how to put my commercial interests into those legal phrases.”