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Corporate, Compliance and Licenses

Corporate, Compliance and Licenses

Doing business in a foreign country can be a complex endeavor. We are here to provide comprehensive support, starting from helping you establish a legal presence in Indonesia, tailored to your specific requirements and situation, all the way through the process of obtaining the necessary licenses and ensuring ongoing compliance with the local laws and regulations. Our seasoned team is ready to assist with any corporate initiatives your company wishes to pursue, and we are dedicated to providing guidance and support until the time comes for your business to conclude its operation.

Our Legal Services

Business Establishment:
- Providing guidance on the appropriate line of business and other requirements to form a new legal presence in Indonesia (such as limited liability companies or representative offices), which is customized to your needs;

- Reorganizing existing company structures;

- Group simplification projects.

Corporate Maintenance:
We can help you to coordinate and manage corporate housekeeping, such as:

- Calendaring annual corporate compliance requirements,

- Filing investment reports,

- Preparing shareholders and board of directors meeting minutes, and

- Handling director and commissioner appointments or replacements.

Corporate initiatives:
We help clients undertake corporate initiatives, including restructuring of share capital or authorized capital, distribution of dividends, and licensing applications and filings to government authorities

Business Closure:
Our services include planning the closure of corporate structures, revoking licenses and closure reporting to government authorities. .

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